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Two Steps to Take If You're Garden Has Been Flooded

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If your garden was recently flooded, here are some steps you should take.

1. Search for same-day soil delivery services

You'll probably have to replenish the soil in which your outdoor plants are located, as it will have lost most of its nutrients during the flood and, if the flood itself was severe, some of the soil itself may have been washed away. In a situation like this, you cannot afford to wait a week or two for the fresh soil to arrive. If you do, the outdoor plants will not survive and you'll have to start all over again, by planting new ones. By utilising a same-day soil delivery service, you can quickly begin making your garden soil healthy and dense enough for your plants to survive.

Most same-day services can deliver the soil within a few hours of receiving an order. As such, as long as you're prepared to work into the evening, you should be able to get the soil back into usable condition by the following day. Although a same-day delivery might be more expensive than one which takes longer, using it will mean you won't have to replace all of your valuable outdoor plants.

2. Lay a few planks across your soaking-wet lawn

It's also a good idea to put a few wide, dry planks of wood across your lawn if it has been soaked through. Trying to walk on a sopping-wet lawn is difficult, even if you're not carrying anything. You'll find that your feet will get stuck or will slide around on the wet mud and slippery grass. To prevent this mishap, you'll need some planks. If you lay these vertically and horizontally over the lawn, you can walk on them and stay steady when you're carrying the soil, your gardening tools or any plants you temporarily re-potted.

Furthermore, if you elevate the planks slightly on each of their ends by putting them on, for example, one or two bricks, you'll also avoid leaving deep footprints (caused by your own weight and the weight of the soil you'll be carrying) on the lawn's surface that would still be visible when its soil and grass dry out. In short, elevating the planks will mean you'll have one less gardening chore to do to fix the damage this incident caused.

These are just a few steps to take if you want to save your garden. Learn more by contacting soil delivery services.