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Helpful Tips for Using a Mulch Delivery Service

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If you want to use mulch to landscape your lawn, then you might be interested in using a mulch delivery service. If it's your first time working with one of these companies, then you might be curious if there are any tips that can help you be successful when using a mulch delivery service. These are all tips that might help you have the best possible experience when using a mulch delivery service.

Order More Mulch Than You Think You Need

First of all, when you're placing your order, you may want to order a little more mulch than you think you'll need. Typically, ordering a whole truckload isn't much more expensive than ordering half of a truckload. Because of how useful it is in landscaping, you'll probably find a way to use up all of the mulch that you purchase.

Let Them Know Where You Want it to Be Dropped Off

If you don't tell someone from the mulch delivery service about where you will be using your mulch, they might just drop it off in the spot that is more convenient for them. This could lead to you having to do all of the work of loading and transporting the mulch to other locations of your yard. However, if there is a specific place that you would like for your mulch to be dropped off, all you have to do is tell the delivery driver. Some delivery drivers will even "dump spread" the mulch for you when they drop it off. Basically, this means that they will dump the mulch out slowly as they drive across the area where you want to have the mulch spread out. This makes things much easier for you and cuts down on a lot of hard physical work.

Consider Giving a Tip

You certainly don't have to tip your mulch delivery driver if you don't want to. However, if you have ordered a smaller load of mulch and want to make the job worth the driver's while, or if the person who delivered the mulch helped you with spreading, then you might want to give them a small tip to show your appreciation.

Using a mulch delivery service should be very easy if you follow these tips. Soon, you should have the mulch that you need for landscaping, and you don't even have to worry about how you will get it to your house. Look into mulch delivery near you for more information.