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Mow Like the Pros: 4 Ingenious Mowing Tricks for Perfectly Manicured Lawns

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Lawn mowing isn't for the faint of heart but it isn't that difficult for you to undertake on your own either. While lawn mowers are an integral part of lawn mowing, never underestimate the value of good technique to complete the job seamlessly and as professionally as the pros themselves. With these awesome tricks, mow your way to a perfectly smooth and well-manicured lawn.

Change Your Lawn Mowing Route 

When lawn mowers are used in the same direction constantly, you may start to notice the appearance of unsightly stripes that grow back unevenly and irregularly. To avoid creating these unwanted patterns, change your mowing direction every time you attempt to mow your lawn. For example, mow across the lawn the first time and follow it up by mowing perpendicular to this direction the next time for a smooth lawn surface. 

Keep the Blades Sharp 

Lawn mowers with sharper blades are bound to produce better manicured lawns than blunt-bladed lawn mowers, so make sure to check your blades before mowing your lawn. Clean cut grass also ensures that it grows back healthily. You can use a grinding wheel to sharpen the blades of the lawn mower when necessary.

Don't Rush Through the Process 

Lawn mowing is a process that shouldn't be rushed for the best results, so choose a day when you have nowhere to be for a few hours at least. Don't speed through the process because you are likely to miss some spots. When mowing in an open space, always stay in control of the lawn mowers by setting them at medium speed. Take them one notch lower to the slow setting when your manoeuvring through small corners and lawn borders for a better grass cut.

For the best result, mow your lawn mid-morning when the morning dew had evaporated, but it's still relatively cool. Wet grass from dew or rains will clog lawn mowers while they are doing their job. This results in a poor cut, clumped grass discharge and faster rusting blades.

Use a Lawn Mower You're Comfortable With 

When choosing between lawn mowers, make sure you're comfortable with what you're using and it works for your garden space. For example, garden tractors are useful for large open spaces, as it cuts through grass faster and more easily. Ride-on lawn mowers are perfect for moderately sized gardens, negotiating around shrubs, trees and corner spaces more easily for a less strenuous lawn mowing experience. 

Use these ingenious tricks for a seamless mowing experience with your lawn mowers. For more tips, supplies, or assistance, consult resources like Mower Accessories.