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Turf Supplies Every Homeowner Needs

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Putting down new turf grass can mean a lush and green lawn the day it's installed. You can also start a new lawn from seed, or work to maintain your current lawn and give it the attention it needs to be thick and full. Keeping your lawn looking its best means having the right supplies on hand for that care and maintenance, but if you've just bought your first home or are unfamiliar with how to care for your turf, you may not know the turf supplies you need. Consider a few you might want to put on your checklist.

1. Weed whacker

A weed whacker is a good tool to help you reach those small crevices and areas of your lawn that cannot be reached by your lawnmower. You can trim long grass around trees and your home's fence with a weed whacker and keep your lawn looking its best. While a weed whacker is good for the sake of your lawn's appearance, it can also keep it healthy. Those tall grasses can actually be weeds and not real grass, and if left untouched, they can spread and choke out a healthy lawn. Using a weed whacker can then make your lawn healthy as well as beautiful.

2. Seed spreader

A seed spreader is good for spreading seed over patchy areas of your lawn that aren't growing as they should. However, they can also typically be used to spread feed and other materials over your lawn as well. Using a spreader will mean making the job easier but also more effective, as you're more likely to get an even spread of those materials without missing spots or spreading too much in one area.

3. Rakes

One type of rake may not be enough to keep your lawn looking its best and staying healthy. A plastic rake with tines close together will help to remove leaves while not pulling and tugging at delicate blades of grass. A metal rake will pull up rocks, soil, and even small weeds from the lawn's surface. If you need to spread seed over any area of lawn, you might use a metal rake first to loosen the soil and remove rocks and gravel. 

For actual gardening and light tilling of the soil, choose a bow rake. This has a shorter head and longer, curved tines that dig deeper into the soil to loosen it. This makes it easier to plant seeds in a garden or dig deeper holes for bushes, small trees, and shrubs.